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Go... Go... Go... Goa!

Hey team! The almost-not-sick Zoe is back in action, and way more cheerful.

I am leaving for Goa tomorrow night, and I am pumped! I've basically been in bed for the better part of a week, recovering from the mystery flu that took me over. All things considered, being sick is the worst, BUT I spent the whole time thanking God that he gave me the flu, and not something that makes me throw up. Touch wood.

I am still pretty sniffly, and I'm coughing a lot (my poor roommate hasn't complained, and has been very sympathetic, especially considering I have probably robbed her of several hours of sleep over the last week). Besides my health, I have a few more updates.

The first is that it's Dusshera! I haven't yet received a good explanation of what it is, but my Hindi teacher Bhavani told us that people take the day off work and dedicate all their tools of work (a carpenter his hammers, nails, etc.) to a deity. Apparently it used to be for Ram, but now it's sort of celebrated willy-nilly. In Gujarat, it's called Navratri and is somehow connected with garba and raas and dandiya (obviously still fuzzy on this one). Apparently there is a puja at Northwestern hosted by SASA on Dusshera - I will have to go next year when I am back home! In any case, it means no school tomorrow! This means that I have the day to rest and pack before going to Goa!

Secondly, GOAAAAAAAAA!!!!! So excited. Basically, I shall be laying on the beach for a week. People keep talking about the seafood, and maybe it's just me, but seafood in India makes me nervous. I might have to give it a try though :) I am going on the bus with Jess, Val, and Karen - it's like a 13 hour bus ride, or something, and it's overnight. It should be fun!

Thirdly, I watched the movie Hindi movie Dostana last night. It's set in Miami, and it was so good, but it made me pretty homesick - it was all the places I've been when I was growing up in South Beach. It was hilarious. I might have to buy it before I go - I borrowed Jess's to watch it. I need to find a movie store in Hyderabad so I can go shopping before I go back to the US! Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na or Taare Zameen Par are fighting for next movie to be watched :)

Fourth, we talked about language in my politics class today. It made me sad to think about how people are so opposed to learning other languages. I understand that language and identity can be tied together, and that's a huge struggle in India. But learning Gujarati doesn't make one any less Marathi, and learning Telugu doesn't make one less of a Hindi-speaker. It's frustrating that so many opportunities can come through speaking several languages, and people are denying themselves and their children the right to learn about the world as other people talk about it. Learning Hindi has had a huge impact on my experience in India, and I am so happy I picked it. I'm also lucky that friends at home speak Hindi, and that I'll come back and be able to practice with the people around me!

I think that's it for now. Later, skaters. Next time, pictures from Goa!!!


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Hello Zoe, I've just read your blog in making my study abroad decisions. Thank you so much for posting, I appreciate your honesty and overall optimistic attitude. I'm a student in Boulder, CO and India is so foreign yet so enticing a place to study.

I am so glad - when you're abroad as long as 5 or 6 months, there are definitely ups and downs, but India is a wonderful and crazy place. But so is Boulder (my hometown) so if you can handle Boulder, you can handle India :)

That was so much fun to read. Hope you're feeling so much better now! You should get as much rest as possible when you don't feel great. Try some natural sleep aids if you're having trouble sleeping. I have to watch Dostana now, it's one of my fave movies too.

I would like to experience for myself the spirituality that is embedded in the Indian culture of Hinduism. I would recommend it as a spiritual Hindu.

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