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U of Hyderabad: A Vast Sanctuary

According to its website, the University of Hyderabad has over 5,000 students and 400 faculty on its 2,300-acre campus. Another common name for UoH is Hyderabad Central University, or HCU (‘Central’ means [federal, as opposed to state] government initiated and funded). The University grants Masters and Doctorate degrees. Students here have already attained the equivalent of a Bachelors degree at a college (three years) and are completing their fourth and fifth years. This degree plan is why courses here are comparable with our courses back home.

Unlike many places in Hyderabad, the campus is situated in natural area—dense forest containing massive rock formations, two lakes, walking paths, peacocks, cows, dogs, birds, fuzzy caterpillars, monkeys, and wild mushrooms. It’s a sharp contrast from the streets just outside the gates, which are noisy, crowded, and polluted with automobile exhaust (though much more vibrant and exhilarating).

The buildings on campus are sparse, and it takes a while to get from one end to the other. There also isn’t a central location on campus (imagine the brochure cover of any college in the US), which is something I had been searching for before coming here. This is also why a Google search returns so few images of the University of Hyderabad campus. Instead, the campus has many popular spots—the student canteen, the shopping complex, the library courtyard—where students spend time between classes.

I’m studying here through a program called Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) and its office is located in the Study in India Program (SIP) building. This building, like many others on campus, has an open courtyard with plants right in the middle—which means it also has no roof. The weather is so nice here that doors and windows are always open, even when it rains. The CIEE staff are a great resource and we have a great group of thirteen studying through the program this semester.

- An except from F13 student Jennie's blog at

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Wow!! Its really a great place and atmosphere ,as you share ,education sector is best in Hyderabad .Various universities is present here to provide education overseas facility, educational consultant, and guidance to choose its proper path.

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